Association OPEN CENTRE is created with an aim to promote diversity, inclusion and principles of respectful society as in national as well as in international level;  to protect human rights activists in risk; and also support activities which as targeted to improve the situation of human rights.

OPEN CENTRE is working twoards:

  • Promoting principles of diversity managmenet
  • Implementation of Latvian Diversity Charter and Latvian Equality Index
  • Promoting access to diversity friendly services
  • Organisation of national and International campaigns to promote human rights and the principles of respectuful society
  • Provide support of human rights activists at risk, their organisations and actiovities;
  • Support other civil society organisation providing its experteese as in Latvia as well as internatioanlly
  • Promoting the principles of freedom of speech and assembly


OPEN CENTRE 3 main platforms:  


  • Initiative to promote cooperation between busineses to support equality and diversity principles at workplace;
  • Latvian Diversity Charter
  • Latvian Equality Index;
  • Implement an eduactional programmes for the future Diversity leaders to ensure their participation in nactional and internation arena as in area of human rights protection and also in polotical participation.


  • Consultations and support in strategic communications for civil society organisations;
  • Support in development of strategic communication programmes;
  • Support in implementation of varuious communication activities.


  • Initiative to support human rights activists at risk as well as their organisations and activities
  • Provide training and practical support
  • Technical support for human rights degenters, organisations and activities